Total Wellness Cleanse Review – Does it Work and Should You Give it a Try?

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I have been hearing about the benefits of cleansing and detoxing for some time now, and since I do want to be healthy and lose quite a bit of weight, I figured it was time to give this a try. From what I understand, detoxing means you can not only lose excess weight, but also increase the amount of energy you have, make your skin more radiant, improve your digestion and more. In fact, it is even supposed to help with mental clarity, improve concentration and more. On my quest towards finding a good detox program, I came across hundreds of different ones. One of the programs that really stood out for me, however, was the Total Wellness Cleanse.

This program explained that it will teach me what I should and shouldn’t eat, thereby ensuring that I stay away from the foods that are poisoning my body with their additives, chemicals and pesticides. Instead, Total Wellness Cleanse would show me how to give my body all the necessary nutrients in order to detox in a natural way, rather than having to take laxatives, supplements or having to fast. Since this particular one came with a 100% money back guarantee, and I had the choice of having the physical program posted to me for free, or gain instant access by opting for the digital copy, I was immediately interested because there was no risk in trying it.

Total Wellness Cleanse ReviewWhat Is the Total Wellness Cleanse?

The program is a 30 day detox and cleans program. It was created by Amy Coates and Yuri Elkaim, who are a wellness coach and a holistic nutritionist. It uses 100% natural processes to cleanse the body. During the first half of the program, you will go through a total body cleanse. In the second half of the program, you will maintain what you have achieved. This will enable you to easily move into a lifestyle and diet that doesn’t include any more pollutants and toxins.

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Detox Your BodyWhat You Get with the Total Wellness Cleanser

The Total Wellness Cleanser is a hugely comprehensive package that includes:

  • Your starter kit, which comes with journals, daily workbooks and information on detoxing.
  • Coaching emails, which you will receive every day.
  • Tele-classes, which take place every other day.
  • A complete nutrition assessment.
  • A personalized meal plan that lasts for eight weeks, going beyond the 30 day detox program itself.
  • Gorgeous recipes for entire meals that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.
  • Recommendations on a workout regime and lifestyle changes.
  • Access to the closed Facebook group “Cleanse Group”.

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Total Wellness Cleanse PackageWhat I Liked

  • The program comes with a great deal of support. Through the Facebook group, you can interact with other people who have already gone through the process or who are at the same stage as you, which is hugely supportive. Besides the group, you also get tele-classes and emails to support you even more, so you never feel alone.
  • It is an incredibly well reviewed program that has now been successfully completed by thousands of people.
  • It comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so that if you don’t like it, or if you are not happy with the results after actually completing the whole program, you can get all your money back.
  • You can choose whether you want to have the program straight after your payment has cleared by downloading it as an eBook and mp3 files, or whether you want to receive the physical product, which will be sent out to you at no cost to you (the company pays for shipping and handling fees).
  • You have a choice of payment options, being either a single payment of $197, or you can make three payments, each being $77. This means it is accessible for those who don’t have the money available straight away as well.

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What I Didn’t Like

  • There are just four things I didn’t really enjoy about the program:
  • The physical copy is not always available, because so many people order it. This means that if you insist on having this particular copy, you may have to wait a little while.
  • The physical copy is more expensive than the download copy. I understand this, because it means there are printing costs involved, as well as environmental costs, but it would still be nice to not have to pay more.
  • Detoxing is pretty gross for the first two weeks. Going to the toilet, in trying not to give out too much information, was not one of my most memorable moments, in other words.
  • You do have to actually follow the recommendations in the book. This isn’t a supplement that you take, only to wake up healthy the next morning. Such a supplement doesn’t exist anyway, but some people are still looking for that. If that is what you are after, then you need to keep looking.

Cleanse and Lose WeightThe Verdict

You get so much with the Total Wellness Cleanse that it really is an opportunity to change your life and lifestyle. You basically get 10 weeks of meal plans, meaning you can keep following this for the rest of your life. The program describes 119 recipes for good, wholesome food that is free from additives, pesticides and other toxic product. Best of all, these foods are affordable as well. Besides this, you are fully supported when you go through the program, and your membership to the Facebook group stays even after the 30 days of the program itself, meaning you can continue to get that support, or even give support yourself to new starters.

It is a cleansing system that is based 100% on food, rather than on taking laxatives or other products to help you cleanse. This is what really sets it apart from the hundreds of other products out there and one of the main reasons why I would choose Total Wellness Cleanse over any other product on the market. If you want to make sure your body is clean on the inside and free of all the harmful effects of the additives and chemicals that are in our food, water and air, then I recommend Total Wellness Cleanse.

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